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First-class online legal services for Georgians is what we do. Your legal rights are complex so you, your family, and your business need more than basic templates which leave you vulnerable. By answering a series of questions, we provide you with real documents, drafted by real Georgia licensed attorneys.

In addition, for certain projects, we pair you with actual Georgia lawyers who will provide you with live consultations, legal advise, and even draft documents on your behalf.

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Whether you’re looking to create a contract for an independent contractor, a photography contract, or a real estate lease agreement, we can help.



Looking to start an LLC or form a corporation in Georgia? We’ll get you started on solid footing.



Click here if you need to create anything related to marriage and children. If you’d like a pre-nuptial agreement, divorce settlement agreement, or if you’d like to draft documents ranging from child custody issues, child care authorization, and guardian at litem appointments


If you need to create a will, a trust, a power of attorney document, or a living will (an advanced directive), we can get you taken care of today.


We are currently working to empower you with the tools to use our site in conjunction with the law firm Peachtree Esquire Lawyers, PC to create and file your trademark and copyright applications as well as create company guidelines for protecting your trade secrets.

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Don’t see what you need on here? Let’s set you up with an appointment with Peachtree Esquire Lawyers, PC so you have just about any legal document you need drafted by a Georgia licensed attorney.

“Efficient lawyers automate their work all the time. PeachtreeESQ was created to give Georgia citizens and businesses the benefit of having documents automated at the direction of experienced Georgia lawyers at a cost which anyone can afford. Also, for complex documents, we connect you with the law firm which supports us and the entire State of Georgia, Peachtree Esquire Lawyers, PC.”

-Trey Ross, M.Ed., Esq.


$9* TO $999

Our documents will only cost you $19 but if upgrade to a premium account, you can create documents for only $9. However, for complex needs which require a live legal consultation, legal advice, and/or drafting by a Georgia licensed attorney, we connect you with Peachtree Esquire Lawyers, PC. In-person legal services may cost up to $999 but unlike other law firms, Peachtree Esquire Lawyers, PC won’t charge you one penny more than $999 for any legal document they create.

In addition, Peachtree Esquire Lawyers, PC offers a pay-as-you-go plan which will allow you to make a deposit of 50% upfront while paying the remainder over a three-month period.

PeachtreeESQ combines innovative legal technology with traditional lawyer interaction to provide you with the highest quality legal services in the industry. By choosing us, you won’t have any reason to doubt whether you’re ready for business or for life in Georgia.


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