“How do I write a contract?” Answer: It depends

By Trey Ross, M.Ed., Esq.

Question: I’m ready to become an entrepreneur and I’d like develop a contract which I can use for potential clients. I’ve never written a contract before. Can I write a contract on my own? If so, how do I write a contract agreement?

Brief answer: To answer your first question, yes, you can write a contact on your own but it may not be as simple as you think. Check out the information below underneath the heading “How to get your Georgia business going the right way” to learn more.

     As for your second question, that answer depends on a lot of things. As you probably know, diving in and writing a contract without any experience is generally not a good idea. Likewise, using a random contract template you found online which was written by someone who (1) is not a lawyer or (2) written by a lawyer who is not licensed in Georgia could cause you more trouble than you think. 

    For example, contracts used in certain professions in Georgia may have to include specific terms, use a specific sized font, or include certain clauses in order to be lawful. A good example is Georgia’s regulation of contracts used by entrepreneurs who own health spas. Contracts of health spa owners are required by law to be written in accordance with OCGA § 10-1-393.1 and its requirements are numerous. So, if you’re a Georgia-based health spa owner, your contract is going to be worthless if it doesn’t include certain information about things like your address or your cancellation period. 

     Likewise, certain real estate related contracts in Georgia are regulated by statute as well. For example, if you’re drafting a lease-purchase agreement which you’ll offer a tenant, you’ll need to make sure that your contract conforms to OCGA § 10-1-682. 

How to get your Georgia business going the right way:

    You’re doing the right thing by creating a contract since it’s best to put things in writing at the start of the deal so that everyone knows what to expect. 

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